XPressLinux – A New Kubuntu Based Linux Operating System For Windows Users

XPressLinux is designed to be easy to use and familiar for Windows users. It will install easily over an existing Windows system, allowing the user to access their existing programs & documents.

If you want to download XPress Linux click here . Afte downloading .iso image from the download link you need to burn a CD after that you need to boot from your kubuntu cd you should see the following screen in this screen select “start or install XPress Linux” and press enter.

Now you can see on next screen XPress Linux cd is loading

Now your next screen is XPress Linux initializing

After loading complete desktop you can see the screen including the two icons like below.Now if you want to install XPress Linux just click on install icon on your desktop.

Now you need to select you installation language in this i have selected english and press continue

Next step is you need to select your country and time zone in this i have selected uk as country and london time zone
and press continue

Now you need to select your keyboard language here i have selected United Kingdom and press continue

Now you need to create user and assign the hostname for your computer and press continue

Now you need to select how you want to partition your hard disk.In this example i am selecting “manually edit partition
table” and click on forward

Now you can See the disks available in your machine here you need to create partitions for this you need to select the available freespace and in this example you can see the 8GB of space for this installation here i am going create a partitions you need to right click and select create New partition table.

Now you can see the following screen asking for your confirmation to create partition table click yes

Now you should see the following screen with the available space now you need to create a partitions by cliking on create button at the top of the menu

Now you can see the following screen here you can select new size,partition type and click on add.In this example i am
entering size as 100 mb and partition type as ext3 and click on ok and also you need to create another partition using
the available space and click ok

Here you can see the two created partitions and click on forward

Confirm the commit changes to your hard disk by clicking on yes

Now you can see the completed changes successfully and click on ok

Here you need to create a mount points by selecting mount point and partition and click on continue

Collecting all the required information for installation in progress

Here is the all the list of information for available for installation here you need to click on install to start the installation.

Installation in progress and it shows the copying files percentage.

Installation Completed Succesfully and you need to restart the system by clicking “Restart Now”

XPressLinux Screenshots Gallary

Now we will see screenshots tour for XPressLinux you can click on the image for complete gallery and i was really impressed with screenshots i hope you will enjoy this


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7 thoughts on “XPressLinux – A New Kubuntu Based Linux Operating System For Windows Users

  1. Please send me more information about installing of LAMP for XPressLinux as soon as possible !

    With best regards

    Prof. S. Dimov

  2. hi i want to ask can it work with xp or vista i have to install two operting systems in my pc one xp or vista and seceond xprees linux which opreting sys i should install first plz tell me in detail thanks

  3. Please, some one either send/post a link to Download, or
    make available through bit torrent. Thanx

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