bsc – graphical file manager with two panels

bsc (BeeSoft Commander) is a graphical file manager (similar to the midnight commander) that displays two directories at once for easier copying and moving of files.

Install bsc in debian etch

#apt-get install bsc

Install bsc in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install bsc

This will complete the installation if you want to open this application go to Applications—>Accessories—>bsc

Once it opens you should see the following screen

bscommander version details

bsc Screenshots

Now we will see some of the screenshots which is useful for users

Help (F1)

Permissions (F2)

View (F3)

Edit (F4)

Copy (F5)

Rename (F6)

Make Directory (F7)

Delete (F8)

Pack (F9)

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One thought on “bsc – graphical file manager with two panels

  1. Great little program, EXCEPT that I can find no way to display hidden files or folders. Is it possible?

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