Configure grub and usplash settings using Simple GUI Interface in Ubuntu

If you want to Configure grub and usplash using Simple GUI Interface here is the tool called Startup Manager.This is a simple pyton script.

Startup Manager Features

You can Change grub timeout, default boot title, visibility of grub menu and usplash text,bootup resolution and color

depth,grub menu colors and background,usplash theme.

Password protect grub menu from editing

Install new grub backgrounds(either from a png, or a correctly sized and colored .xpm or xpm.gz)

Install new usplash themes(from a correctly made .so file)

Preparing your system

First thing you need to install imagemagick

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Install Startup Manager (SUM)

You can download this from here once you downloaded the file you should be having SUM.tar.gz file

Now you need to extract this file using the following command

sudo tar xzvf SUM.tar.gz

Now you have a directory called SUM

cd SUM

and run the following command


This will complete the installation

Note:- Should NOT Run as ROOT

Once you finish the installation you can go to System—>Administration—>Start-UP Manager

This will open the following screen in this screen you can select boot options like kernel version you want to use timeout, resolutions,colours

If you select apperance tab grub menu settings and usplash settings

If you select security tab Boot loader security settings

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One thought on “Configure grub and usplash settings using Simple GUI Interface in Ubuntu

  1. Seems cool. Can this (or another) tool edit or remove entries from the list? In GRUB it was pretty straightforward just editing the menu.lst file, but GRUB2 seems more complicated. Consider me lazy and not wanting to dig through multiple files 😛

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