OIDs for the sensors on the Bluecoat ProxySG

Here is a list of sensors and the SNMP OID for that sensor:

Sensor Name SNMP OID
Motherboard temperature
Power supply cage temperature
CPU 1 temperature
Fan 1 speed
Fan 2 speed
Fan 3 speed
Power supply 1 fan 1 status
Power supply 1 fan 2 status
Power supply 2 fan 1 status
Power supply 2 fan 2 status
CPU 1 fan speed
+3.3V bus voltage
+5V bus voltage
+12V bus voltage
CPU 1 core voltage
CPU 1 +2.6V bus voltage
Power supply 1 status
Power supply 2 status

(Note: The above sensors come from an 8100-B, but they should be the same for most platforms)

The easiest way to verify any of the OIDs above is to use the SNMP get command and then verify the sensor reading in the sysinfo.

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