Howto determine serial numbers for cisco router and Catalyst switch

For Cisco Routers

If you want to know the chassis serial number for your router use the following command

Router> sh inventory


NAME: “2821 chassis”, DESCR: “2821 chassis”PID: CISCO2821  , VID: V04 , SN: FCZ10231VG

NAME: “WAN Interface Card – Serial 2T”, DESCR: “WAN Interface Card – Serial 2T”PID: WIC-2T   , VID: V01, SN: 32387748

Cisco Catalyst 6500/6000 users

Catalyst 6500/6000 switches can run CatOS system software on the Supervisor Engine and Cisco IOS Software on the MSFC. Or, the switches can run Cisco IOS System Software, with a software bundle for both the Supervisor Engine and MSFC.

For CatOS Users

Use the show version command to determine the serial number of various hardware components

In order to find the serial number of port adapters that plug into the Flex WAN module, issue the show diagbus command from the MSFC command-line interface (CLI).

If the power supply serial number is not visible in the show version command output, issue the show sprom powersupply {1 | 2} command.

Cisco IOS System Software

In order to determine the serial number for the chassis and other components, issue the show idprom command, as this example shows:

6509#show idprom ?

all           selects all FRU-types
backplane     specify backplane
clock         specify clock <number>
earl          specify earl <slot>
fan-tray      specify fan-tray <number>
interface     interface name
module        specify module <slot>
power-supply  specify power-supply <number>
rp            specify RP (MSFC) <slot>
supervisor    specify supervisor <slot>
vtt           specify VTT <number>

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3 thoughts on “Howto determine serial numbers for cisco router and Catalyst switch

  1. How to know the serial number of Cisco 1760 router by command, as sh inventory commnad is not working on this series router please reply me soon i have very urgent need.


  2. If you need to know how to get the serial number in a Cisco 17XX use

    router# show version

    With this command obtain serial number and ios version is running on this device.
    If you are login in a higer switch or router model you can insert

    router# show module

    This command displays the modules that are connected to a switch with the slot, serial and IOS version.

    If you are interesting in more topics and tips about networking, voice over ip … please visit

    See you

  3. Hello,
    Please help. I deployed a switch on a DHCP mode and I write I can not figure out the IP address of the device when I run sh ip arp on the router. This device is far from me now.
    Or Is there a way I can find the serial number number of the switch remotely?


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