Scibuntu (Ubuntu Linux for scientist and science students) Installation With Screenshots

Scibuntu , Ubuntu Linux for scientists and science students. Scibuntu is not just another Linux distribution. It is a script that adds scientific programs and other convinient tools to the plain desktop Ubuntu.

I came across this new distro and i want to give it a try and i have dowloaded the script and installed it took long time to install and this is still in alpha state.
Most programs in Scibuntu are already out there in the Ubuntu repositories Scibuntu collects them for you and puts them into your computer. Some programs are fetched from other places.Here is something that should interest those Ubuntu users who want to use their operating system for scientific and statistical calculations.

Scibuntu Included Software

Tools for reading and writing scientific text: LaTeX, Ghostscript, Ghostview and Acroread.

Math and statistics tools like Octave, Qalculate! and r

Plotting tools like Gnuplot, Grace and Labplot

Bioinformatics packages like Clustalw, Clustalx, Treepuzzle, Treewiewx and T-coffee

Chemistry tools like RasMol, PyMol and GROMACS

More console tools shar, memtest, dos2unix, strings, strip etc.

Development packages for C, C++, Bioperl, Biopython, FORTRAN and Emacs.

Download Scibuntu

Make sure you have Multiverse and Universe repositories available in /etc/apt/sources.list file.

Download Latest version of scibuntu from here this is only a shell script with all the required packages for scientists and science students


Now you have scibuntu021-alfa file make this script executable with the following command

sudo chmod a+x scibuntu021-alfa

Now you need to start the installation with the following command

sudo ./scibuntu021-alfa

This will start the installation some of the installations require a little bit of interaction and it will install the required packages for scientists and science students.This will take some time to install all the packages.

Once you completed the installation now you are ready for you scientific graphs etc

Scibuntu Screenshots

I want to show you some of the screenshots for scibuntu.Once you finish the installation you should see the new application menus as follows

Emacs Screen

Applications Screenshots

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One thought on “Scibuntu (Ubuntu Linux for scientist and science students) Installation With Screenshots

  1. When I get my new Mac Pro, I plan to try making a linux partition and installing Ubuntu or Debian, and biobuntu or bio-linux, respectively. If I go the Ubuntu/biobuntu route, I’ll post my experiences here!
    Thanks for the article!

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