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phpIP management is a complete IPv4 address management suite, built to handle the complexity of managing today's IP address space. phpIP Management was built to scale and address the full lifecycle of IP address space using techniques that are not administratively intensive. The frontend is completely PHP driven.

Download PHPIP

If you want to Download PHPIP Click here

PHPIP Requirements

php 4.1.0 or later
php pear
pear module net_ipv4
MySQL 3.23.32 or later
Webserver (Preferable Apache)

Preparing Your server

Apache webserver installation with php support

If you want to install apache with php support check here

Mysql Database server installation with php support

If you want to install mysql database server enter the following command and press enter

#apt-get install mysql-server php4-mysql

Install Pear and Pear Modules

If you want to install pear nter the following command and press enter


After installing this you need to install Net_IPv4 module for this type the following command

#pear install Net_IPv4

If you want to user LDAP support enter the following command

#apt-get install php4-ldap

Install and Configure PHPIP

Now you need to download the phpip .tar.gz file from here in to your weserver root directory in debian,ubuntu is /var/www/

Extract the distribution tarball.

#tar –xzvf phpip-version.tar.gz

Rename the directory.

#mv phpip-version/ phpip/

Now you need to point your web browser to http://yourserverip/phpip/ You should see the following screen and in this scree select which one is best for you here i am installing newly i selected install and click next


Now you need to accept the licenseagreement and click next


Here it will check all the required components are installed or not if you see any errors you need to fix.If you have everything is fine you should see the following screen and click on next.


Now you need to configure Database and admin configuration you need to enter the following details and press install

Database configuration

Database server Name :- localhost

Database Name :- phpip_management (any of your choice)

Database Username :- root

Database Password :- your passowrd

Confirm Password :- yourpassword

Admin Configuration

Administrator UserName :- phpip (any of your choice)

Administrator Name :- admin (any of your choice)

Administrator Email :- [email protected] (any of your choice)

Administrator Password :- your passowrd

Confirm Password :- your passowrd


Now it will check the database check and click on install


Now you should see the following screen with installation completed and one important note Rename the following file ‘includes/install.database.php'You need to rename this file using the following command

#cd /var/www/phpip/includes/

#mv install.database.php database.php

Now you need to click on visit site


Once you click on visit site you should see the following screen and now you need to enter the username and password you have enter under admin configuration and click on login.

After you login you should see the following screen.


Now you need to add networks,users and LDAP management details, for this you need to check this documentation

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  1. i use the phpip with centos i have problem with phpip after i have install and configure all the requirement step by step and then i log in to the web but still can not display any thing beside the blank page, and in the url is :
    so what problem ??? and any body can help me to solve it.

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