GLPI IT and asset Managemet Software Configuration

GLPI stands for “Gestionnaire libre de parc informatique”, GLPI is the Information Resource-Manager with an additional Administration- Interface. You can use it to build up a database with an inventory for your company (computer, software, printers…). It has enhanced functions to make the daily life for the administrators easier, like a job tracking system with mail-notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your network-topology.

GLPI Requirements

Linux or Windows Operating system

Apache webserver with php support

Mysql Database with php support

Preparing your system for GLPI Installation

Apache with php support

If you want to install apache2 with php support check here

Now you need to increase memory size for your php in /etc/php4/apache2/php.ini file has this line you need to change with the following

memory_limit = 8M


memory_limit = 20M

after changing this you need to restart apache webserver using the following command

#/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Mysql Database with php support

#apt-get install mysql-server php4-mysql

Installing GLPI

First you need to download the GLPT .tar.gz file from the download section of GLPI website in to your webserver root directory.For debian users default document root is /var/www/ so i am downloading in to this.


#tar xzvf glpi-0.68.2.tar.gz

Now you should be having glpi directory in /var/www/ and check write permissions are available for glpi folder or not.

To begin the installation you must to use your browser point to http://yourserverip/glpi/
During the first connection, a step by step installation starts and you should see the following screen in this you need to select your language and click ok.


Now you have to accept the licence and click on continue.


Next screen you need to select install or update.I have selected install in this option.


Once you click on install you should see the screen “checking the compatibility of your environment” if something is missing it will give the error and you need to fix.If everything is fine you should see the following screen and click on continue.


Now you need to setup database connection here you need to enter your mysql server, mysql user and mysql user password and click on continue.


Here you need to select create new database,enter glpi (any of your choice) and click on continue.

This time the database is initialized with the default values. Some informations are given to you on these values. Read this information attentively and click on continue.


Now it will display the information about the installation of GLPI is now finished, a summary is displayed. Read these informations attentively and click on use GLPI.


Once you click on use GLPI you should see the following screen asking for username and password.

By defauly glpi is having the following username and passwords to login

glpi/glpi for the administrator account
tech/tech for the technician account
normal for the normal account
post-only/post-only for the postonly account

Select glpi username and password to login in to the glpi with administrator permissions and you should see the following screen.

If you login using tech user account you should see the following screen.


If you login using normal user account you should see the following screen.


If you login using post-only user account you should see the following screen.

That’s it and you glpi installation completed and i really like this software personally.

If you want GLPI Documentation check here
GLPI Plugins download from here
Download GLPI from here

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6 thoughts on “GLPI IT and asset Managemet Software Configuration

  1. I love GLPI. This site is awesome.

    Anyone had success with GLPI and single sign on? I have my users synced with ldap but can’t get apache modules working (mod_ntlm) for integrated authentication.


  2. Dear all support,

    I’m doing have the problem with GLPI, I saw the problem below:
    “A link to the Mysql server could not be established. Please Check your configuration.”
    I think maybe I didn’t use OCS inventory, I just back from other server and my new server have Apache Mysql and PHP.

    someone can tell me the problem.


  3. Chhivhorng,

    May be your Mysql installation is not complete or service is not started. Start apache and mysql after installation and you are good to about installing GLPI from your webroot’s url.

    Good Luck

  4. Hi,

    do you know how to link active directory users with glpi.connection with the ldap is working but cant impoort the users form the AD.
    please let us know how to do it step by step

    Best regards

  5. Hai buddy….
    i need some clarifications in GLPI/OCS …
    And expalin clear what is glpi & ocs…give me usage of this one

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