eGroupWare Installation and configuration with screenshots

eGroupWare is a Web-based groupware suite. It contains many modules, including Calendar (personal calendar and group scheduling, notifications and alarms), Mail (Email (IMAP and POP3) or FeLaMiMail (IMAP only)), InfoLog (todos, notes, and phone calls linked to contacts (CRM)), Contacts (an addressbook to store and share contact information), and SiteMgr or JiNN (content management).

eGroupware requirements

System software e.g. Linux, Windows or MacOSX

Downloading the eGroupWare Package

Webserver and php-Interpreter e.g. Apache, IIS recommended Apache 2, min. php 4.3, recommended php 5

Database (SQL) e.g. MySQL, Postgres, MaxDB, MSSQL min. MySQL 4.0, recommended MySQL 4.1 or 5.0

SMTP-Server e.g. Postfix

Client Browser e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer

Client IMAP-Server e.g. Cyrus (POP3 also possible, supported only by Anglemail – not by the standard email application FelaMiMail.

Befor installing egroupware you have to install apache2 and mysql with php support

If you want to Install apache2 with php support check here

If you want to Install mysql with php support check here

If you want o install postfix in debian check here

and if you want to install imap or pop3 servers you can install of your choice and this is only optional.

Installing eGroupware in debian

#apt-get install egroupware

This will start the installation process and you see the following screen first


Now it will ask for which webserver you want to configure for egroupware i am using apache2 and select which one you are using from the list.


Enter the which user you want to use for header user admin and i have entered admin and click on ok


enter the header admin user password


Confirm the header admin password


this time you have choose the option for libc-client without maildir support and i am selecting yes and click on ok


That’s it this will complete the egroupware basic installation.

Go to http://yourserverip/egroupware/setup/ to setup egroupware

You need to update your file to version 1.28 by running setup/headeradmin.

click on setup/headeradmin and you should see the following screen in this enter your header user admin username and password to login.


Once you login you should see the following screen in this you need to enter all the required fields with the exact information.Important one is enter the configuration username and password for you to login after installation .You click on write new database instance and writeconfig click on continue.

You should see the following screen in this you need to click on run installation steps


Now the follwoing screen will show you all the required componets are installed or not and if everything is ok you need to click on continue to the header admin


you should see the following screen with red cross marks first thing is you need to click on install button to install all the required applications


after the above step you should see the following screen here you click on re-check my installation


Now you should see the following screen with one red cross mark this means you haqve to create the admin account click on create admin account button
You should see the following screen asking for admin username and password fill all the required information and click save button.


Now the following screen appears with all the required things are installed and your installation is completed.


Now you need to login using the following URL

http://yourserverip/egroupware/ enter your configuration username and password to login


You should see the following screen after logging in to the egroupware.


Now you want ot know what applications installed and how to use each application check egroupware user manual.

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12 thoughts on “eGroupWare Installation and configuration with screenshots

  1. Estou com um problema, estou utilizando o ms sql server e indico todo o caminho para o dominio eGW no cadastro do header IP e TCP, nome da base de dados, nome de usuario e senha de usuario, porem quando tento logar para definir a configuração de administrador, sou informado de que a minha base de dados não esta funcionando.

  2. I am goin to manage the egroupware of my organization but I do not any thing about this wheres I could download a manual to start reading
    Thank a lot and God bless


  3. Hi,

    Cannot get into the setup thru browser. I get that /egroupware/setup/ was not found on server. Running Deb Sid,

  4. Hi!

    Got a question, maybe you can help me out.

    Is it possible to install eGroupware on a server and use a different IMAP Server (i got my domain on a vserver, but want to use the providers general imap server caus of reliability)

    thx alot

  5. Hi Jan,

    yes it is possible, i configured it just like that just a while ago. You must enable an option so that the user can change de email-account configuration. After that, you’re able to enter all infos (username, password, imap-server, etc) and that’s it.

  6. I have tried installing egroupware several times. After step 2 I just get a blank screen with (Setup – Domain: default(mysql)) at the top and the normal tabs on the left. I have checked my mail server and its running fine imap/pop3 and smtp. I don’t get any error and if I log out and back in it’s still empty. I have deleted the header and DB and started over only to have the same results.

  7. Maybe someone here can help me out. I’m trying to get eGroupware’s file manager to work correctly in IIS. My scenario is this: I can upload to eGroupware just fine without any problems and can see the files listed. When I click to download, I get a 404 not found which makes no sense to me. To me, if the file has been uploaded and I can see it listed, why in the world won’t it let me download it? Any advice or help here would be most appreciated! Thank you in advance. Example link:

    http://mysite/egroupware/webdav.php/home/user/DAILY.xls (Ok on linux – no go on IIS)

  8. Hola!

    I love egroupware been using it for a couple months and now my email won’t send, all I get are smtp errors. I have a blank email acount set up in EmailAdmin which allows me to set up muliple emails for my user account. Any ideas to trouble shoot my smtp errors I’ve even removed all email egroupware email profiles and started over fresh and still nothing.


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