Howto Select Fastest Mirror in Debian

If you want to select Fastest Mirror in Debian follow this tutorial and this is very helpful if you want to download and install your debian packages,Updates .netselect-apt automatically creates a sources.list file for using with apt for the specified distribution by downloading the list of Debian mirrors using wget and choosing the fastest servers (both US and non-US) using netselect. The output file is written to OUTFILE.

If there is a file called mirrors_full in the current directory which lists the Debian mirrors, netselect-apt uses that rather than downloading another copy.

Install netselect-apt in debian using the following command

#aptitude install netselect-apt

This will complete the installation

Using netselect-apt

netselect-apt Syntax

netselect-apt [OPTIONS] [stable|testing|unstable|experimental|woody|sarge|etch|sid]

Available Options

stable|testing|unstable|experimental|woody|sarge|etch|sid Specify which distribution of Debian to use. By default stable is used.

-s, –sources
While generating OUTFILE include also deb-src lines to use with ‘‘apt-get source’’ to obtain Debian source packages.

-i, –infile INFILE
Use INFILE instead of mirrors_full for reading mirror list. The file must be in the same format as mirrors_full.

-o, –outfile OUTFILE
Use OUTFILE instead of sources.list.

-n, –nonfree
Include also non-free section while generating OUTFILE.

-f, –ftp
Use FTP mirrors instead of HTTP and generate OUTFILE accordingly.


If you want non-free repos use the following command

#netselect-apt -n etch (For etch)

#netselect-apt -n lenny (For Lenny)

Once it finishes, you will find a newly created sources.list file in your current directory which will have the necessary code pointing to the fastest Debian server for your location. Now all you have to do is to copy the sources.list file to /etc/apt/ directory and do an apt-get update.

# cp ./sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list

Update source list using the following command

# apt-get update

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