Select fastest Debian mirror using netselect-apt

netselect-apt automatically creates a sources.list file for using with apt for the specified distribution by downloading the list of Debian mirrors using wget and choosing the fastest servers (both US and non-US) using netselect. The output file is written to OUTFILE.

If there is an INFILE (by default “mirrors_full”) which lists the Debian mirrors, netselect-apt uses that rather than downloading another copy. The file will be downloaded from

Install netselect-apt in debian

Open the terminal and run the following command

#apt-get install netselect-apt

You can start using the following command


wait while the different mirrors are tested. When it’s finished, you will end up with a sources.list in the directory where you executed the command in.

Move it to your /etc/apt/directory by executing the following command

mv sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list

and then update the source list

apt-get update

Now, you would have the closest Debian mirror setup which would give the best download speeds.

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