Jan 062008

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Bored? Go Postal!

Most common users are bored and play games. I decidet to buy Postal 2 Fudge pack. Since its native to Linux and your able to do what ever you like to do. To be honest its a kick in the but to find out how to get the game working. After a few error fixes and some searching. I noticed that it was missing some files. Its all on the DVD's so no worries to download!

Enough talking lets get started!

Step one: mounting/Installing

I always make at first run a backup of my CD or DVD. So i run the game/installer from an "ISO9660" file. In this case I asume you put it in the 1st CD-ROM/DVD Drive.
1. Open Root Terminal > "cd /media/cdrom"

2. Execute the installer > "sh linux_installer.sh"

3. Follow the GUI what ever you wish to install. (In my example I will only install Postal2!)

Screen shot:

Step Two: Fixing the .ini files!

The postal2 installer does not extract the proper .ini files. And when trying to start it from terminal with command "postal2" will say "Missing Ini". Were about to fix this right now!

Perform following commands:

# cd /usr/local/games/postal2game/System

# wget http://www.zerodev.net/DefUser.ini

# wget http://www.zerodev.net/Default.ini

Now type in terminal "postal2" and it should run!

Don't be too exidet yet!

Create a desktop shortcut by simply right clicking and make it look like this:



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  9 Responses to “How to install Postal 2 Fudge pack on Debian/Ubuntu.”

  1. this had to be isolated.I had zero trouble installing this game on ANY distro I’ve tried.

  2. I am having the problem stated on this page…”Missing ini” file.

    However, the links above to zerodev.net do not, or no longer, work. Are these files elsewhere?

    I tried copying the two files over from the main DVD, but then I get the first “warning screen” open for the game and then it jumps out back to terminal and says:

    Can’t find file for package ‘WinDrv’


    Exiting due to error


    Any help much appreciated, thanks.

  3. I have the same problem as holyghost. it would be nice to get this thing to work.

  4. Seems like my hosting quited 🙁

  5. You can find the ini files on the CD/DVD,

    To find them you can simply do:
    # find /media/cdrom -name DefUser.ini
    # find /media/cdrom -name Default.ini

    Copy them to your Postal installation directory and Gedit “Default.ini” Direct3D to OpenGL and it should work!

  6. I copied /media/cdrom/System/DefUser.ini and Default.ini to ~/Games/Postal Fudge Pack/postal2game/System/

    The warning screen now loads, but then I get the same message as holyghost:
    Can’t find file for package ‘WinDrv’
    Exiting due to error

  7. I found DefUser.ini and Default.ini here, https://bugzilla.icculus.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2955
    they are different from the files on dvd.

    After putting them in ~/Postal Fudge Pack/postal2game/System/ there was still the WinDrv error.

    Delete $HOME/.lgp/postal2/System and launch postal 🙂

    It worked for me

  8. pop up the Default.ini as described in my last comment. And CTRL + F for “Direct3D” and replace that with OpenGL.

    For example:
    flags with “direct3d” should be “opengl”
    flags with “Direct3D” should be “OpenGL”

    I don’t have the disks any more so cannot check it out for ya 🙁

  9. i have problem too!!
    When ever i try to run install it says can not finde setup.xml

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