Sep 152006

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apt-setup is an interactive program that simplifies adding sources to apt's sources.list. It knows about all the major debian mirrors and can help you select one. It can even use apt-cdrom to scan CDs.

If you want to run apt-setup use the following command


You should see the following screen from here you can select archive access method for apt i have selected http and select ok and press enter


Now you need to select the mirror country and i have selected uk and select ok and press enter


Here you need to choose the debian mirror from the available list and i have selected select ok and press enter

Now you need to enter the proxy information if have one otherwise leave blank select ok and press enter

This screen you can see it will test apt sources and it add these source to /etc/apt/sources.list file


it will ask if you want to add another source and i have selected no


That's it this is very useful if you want to add more apt sources for your debian system.

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  5 Responses to “Adding source lists using apt-setup”

  1. Where do I get this program apt-setup?

  2. shame on you Adomas!
    typical ubuntu user
    shame to all Lithuania and baltic sea!!!

  3. Brand new Debian install, there is no apt-setup.

  4. Yup, appears to be an outdated article. Not even in the archives on Wheezy.

  5. If you can’t find this, then use software-properties-gtk instead. I know it is not CLI, but if you want CLI, then just edit the file manually.

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