Lynis – Security and system auditing tool

Lynis is an auditing tool which tests and gathers information from Unix based systems. The audience for this tool are security and system auditors, network specialists and system maintainers.

Lynis features

– System and security audit checks
– File Integrity Assessment
– System and file forensics
– Usage of templates/baselines (reporting and monitoring)
– Extended debugging features

Lynis requirements

– You have to be root (log in as normal user, su to root), or have equivalent
rights (for example by using sudo).
– Have write access to /var/log (for using a log/debug file)
– Have write access to create a report (most likely in the same directory
where Lynis is located)
– Have write access to /tmp (temporary files)

Lynis Installation

Lynis doesn’t have to be installed, so it can be used directly from a (removable) disk. If you want the

program to be installed, use the following method

Create a custom directory (ie. /usr/local/lynis)

#mkdir /usr/local/lynis

#cd /usr/local/lynis


unpack the tarball

#tar xfvz lynis-1.0.5.tar.gz

Now you have lynis directory

Using Lynis

Depending on the installation or the path you run Lynis from, you can start it with ‘lynis’ (if

installed and the file is available in your binary path) or ‘sh lynis’ or ‘./lynis’.

#./lynis -c

This will produce similar to the following output

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