Monitoring Proftpd Server Using phpftpwho

ProFTPD is a proven, high-performance, scalable FTP server written from scratch, with a focus toward simplicity, security, and ease of configuration. Naturally, ProFTPD powers some of the largest sites on the Internet. It features a very Apache-like configuration syntax, modules, and a highly customizable server infrastructure, including support for multiple ‘virtual’ FTP servers, anonymous FTP, and permission-based directory visibility.

phpftpwho is a program written in PHP that tells you the status of your local FTP server. It uses the unix/linux command ftpwho and formats and displays the information. The program is licensed under the GPL license.

phpftpwho Requirements

A webserver, Apache is a great one.

A recent version of PHP.

The FTP server Proftpd.

A Unix/Linux operating system.

Install Apache Webserver with PHP Support

If you want to install Apache Webserver with PHP Support check here

Install Proftpd Server

If you want to Install Proftpd Server check here

Install phpftpwho

Note :- phpftpwho must be installed on the same machine that is running Proftpd server.

Download phpftpwho from here using the following command in apache web server root document folder (/var/www)


Now you have tar.gz file you need to extract using the following command

tar xzvf phpftpwho-0_9.tar.gz

Now you should be having phpftpwho folder in your apache root document folder(/var/www)

If you want to access your phpftpwho program you need to go to http://yourserverip/phpftpwho

Now you need to login into the ftp server and refresh your phpftpwho page you should see similar to the following screen

Security configuration

If you want to configure security for phpftpwho you need to create a .htaccess file under phpftpwho folder in /var/www/ so that any one who is trying to access this page it will prompt for username and password.

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