How to Configure SSH V2 Management on Juniper Firewall

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This tutorial will explain How to Configure SSH V2 Management on Juniper Firewall.Converting from SSH V1 to SSH V2 can only be done via Command Line Interface, and using a root admin account.

First, if SSH v1 was initially configured on the firewall, then all SSH keys from version 1 must be deleted.

This can be done using the command “delete ssh device all”.


ns-> delete ssh device all
SSH disabled for vsys: 1

PKA keys deleted from device: 0
Host keys deleted from device: 1

Execute the ‘set ssh version v2’ command to activate SSH v2 for the device.


ns5-> set ssh version v2
SSH version 2 has been activated.

Then, enable SSH:

ns-> set ssh enable

View the SSH configurations settings with the command ‘get ssh’. Note that it should report it is ‘active’ and ‘enabled’:

ns-> get ssh
SSH V2 is active
SSH is enabled
SSH is ready for connections
Maximum sessions: 3
Active sessions: 1

Admin Ip Addr Vsys Auth Method Service
———- ————— ———- ———– ——–

Enable SSH on the interface(s) on which the SSH client will connect:

ns-> set int manage ssh

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