Howto remove NSM Configuration from a Juniper Firewall

This tutorial will explain howto remove NSM (Netscreen security manager) configuration from a juniper firewall

There are two options on how to remove the device from NSM. Either simply disable the NSM Agent on the device while leaving the configuration on the device, or remove the NSM configuration completely.

Method 1:  Disabling the NSM client on the device

This can be accomplished in two ways:

Method 1

Log in via the Web interface and Expand the Configuration menu.Expand the Administration menu Select NSM.

Uncheck the ‘NSM enable’ checkbox.

Click ‘save’ or ‘apply’ at the bottom.


Method 2

Log in via the command line interface.

Enter the following commands

unset nsm enable


Method 2: Completely removing the NSM config from the device

This can only be done from the Command Line Interface

Log in via the Command Line Interface.

Enter the following commands

unset nsm enable

unset nsm all

delete nsm keys


Completing the steps above will successfully remove or disable the NSM configuration on your Firewall device.

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