Yet another Linux to Windows printing tip

Problem: one have a printer shared for networks printing and connected to a windows machine. From the other side, there is Linux-powered machine with CUPS installed and we want to print on windows shared printer.

Solution: with CUPS webform, adding printer and specifying login guest for printing without a password in a windowish printer.

Let’s consider a common situation: we have winXP computer with network address, it has network shared printer LaserJet 1200 visible by SAMBA with name HPLaserJ. From another windows machines all printed without problems, but from Linux machine with CUPS when you attempt to print something you getting error.

Connection failed with error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

If you attempt to print on it via IPP, you get:
Unable to connect to SAMBA host, will retry in 60 seconds…foomatic-rip version $Revision$ running…

There is no password on shared printer in windows – it is empty.

Solve of this puzzle is ridiculously simple. Just add in CUPS webform new printer, choose “Windows printer via Samba”, and in address field write:

smb://[email protected]/HPLaserJ

And that’s all! Printing without a problems!
Original post is HERE

It’s incredible that in huge and pretty goofy CUPS documentation this useful example is missing.

In KDE applications you ought to choose local printing address

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