KDE 4.0 (Today Released) Screenshots Tour

KDE 4.0 is the innovative Free Software desktop containing lots of applications for every day use as well as for specific purposes. Plasma is a new desktop shell developed for KDE 4, providing an intuitive interface to interact with the desktop and applications. The Konqueror web browser integrates the web with the desktop. The Dolphin file manager, the Okular document reader and the System Settings control center complete the basic desktop set.

What is new in KDE 4.0

If you want to know more abou this check this nice visual guide

This screenshots tour includes internet, multimedia,graphics,system applications,network application and other applications click on the image for complete Gallery.This Gallery Includes 50 Images of KDE 4.0

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9 thoughts on “KDE 4.0 (Today Released) Screenshots Tour

  1. Ive checked out the screen shots. I am not an big KDE fan but it looks really really nice. Could there be an “changed” dialog include within this post?

  2. Great gallery.
    1/5 = same desktop, different background.
    More than a half of them are just screenshots of the desktop running gnome applications.

  3. None of the shots really make it clear just how frustrating KDE4 is to use. It looks very pretty when installed, but the missing functionality (from KDE3.x) makes KDE4 a right royal pain in the rear end to use. That combined with some really silly ideas, like making the console integrated into Dolphin. Where as in KDE3.x the console is opened as a separate Application – Konsole – from the Konqueror tools menu with the current directory context, and it’s possible to open as many instances as you choose, and because they are seperate applications they are not constricted for screen size by the file manager.

    A better choice whould have been to have the console opened from a drop down contect menu, as a seperate application.

    I’ll stop now, before I get really carried away.

  4. Im using Ubuntu. since yesterday
    I dont know much of Linux
    I need to add KDE to my OS
    But I cant download it from anywhere
    Anyone can help me ?
    Please give me the exact place to download this without
    giving me variuos file types etc..



  6. Thank you for your time & effort here. I’ve learned a lot & will undoubtably learn more upgrading this list for karmic.

    I’m so grateful that you took the time to knock it out & I appreciate generosity in sharing this.

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