Sep 072006
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  1. hello, im at school and im having trouble on my assignment about freespire, i need to know about
    the DVD system. what program runs dvd’s? is it just ms player and quicktime?

    also i need an alternative to macromedia flash & dreamweaver, that will run on freespire?

    please help where can

    lukey boi

  2. Hi,

    By default freespire will provide default application.If you want to install separate program you need to install mplayer or real player in freespire.If i remember correctly freespire will install realplayer by default so you don’t have to install any other application you can use realplayer check this

  3. Please I am from Nigeria, can somebody send a copy of freespire cd to me

    Colinx Biobaku
    P.O.Box 4071,
    Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria


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