Sep 082006

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A Debian Live system CD is a Debian operating system preinstalled in some way, that does not require a classical installer to be used. It comes on media, like a cdrom, a usb-stick, or over a network.

In operation, it will require a boot process and hardware discovery (the same as Debian Installer), to launch a preinstalled rootfs.

This is mainly focused on debian etch gnome Live CD applications and desktop screenshots.


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  2 Responses to “Debian Etch Live CD Gnome Screenshots”

  1. hello,
    very interesting to see and etch live cd.
    I have to do a paper over live cds and I would like to know where i can find instruction to make a etch live cd from scratch.. not just downloaded it from the internet.
    any help will be priceless.
    thank you

  2. Hello…!!!
    I need to know the passwd for root in the live cd of etch???

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