Mar 282008

Vlogger is a little piece of code borned to handle dealing with large amounts of virtualhost logs. It's bad news that apache can't do this on its own. Vlogger takes piped input from apache, splits it off to separate files based on the first field. It uses a file handle cache so it can't run out of file descriptors. It will also start a new logfile every night at midnight, and maintain a symlink to the most recent file. For security, it can drop privileges and do a chroot to the logs directory.

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Mar 172008

autossh is a program to start an instance of ssh and monitor it, restarting it as necessary should it die or stop passing traffic. The idea is from rstunnel (Reliable SSH Tunnel), but implemented in C. Connection monitoring is done using a loop of port forwardings. It backs off on the rate of connection attempts when experiencing rapid failures such as connection refused.

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Mar 112008

Bored and perverted? And using Linux... Poor us!

Sexy Beach 3 is an hentai game. And time to time I play dating sims. But thats not the case! I wanted to go further much further. I am used to play Sexy Beach on my Customized XBOX. Till Sexy Beach 3 got released. I downloaded an English copy and bought the original from japan. So I tried to use wine to start the game. After certain attempts I began to be bored and head out on google. And found out about Wine-Doors. Now from here on I will explain how to play Sexy Beach 3 on Linux.

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