Ubuntu Enlightenment(DR17 or E17) Window Manager Screenshots Tour

Enlightenment has something to do with the light. It is a window manager that comes with special effects.Development Release 17 of the Enlightenment window manager represents an evolution into the next generation of desktop environments:

the desktop shell. DR17 will provide integration between files and your environment in a seamless manner while encompassing a graphically rich and flexible architecture. It will not compete with GNOME or KDE, but be a completely new way of visualizing your desktop, based around the EFL which was built from the ground up for this task.”

The Enlightenment project was started in 1997 as an FVWM (another lightweight windows manager) fork. The project has evolved greatly since then. The current stable version in 0.16. We are going to play with Enlightenment DR17 (Development Release 17), which will be called e17 in the article.

This screenshots tour includes internet, multimedia,graphics,system applications,network application and other applications click on the image for complete Gallery.

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Enlightenment(DR17 or E17) Window Manager Screenshots Tour

  1. nyc May-05-2008 16:59 EST


    Finally I have found a place which represents my newest hobby; the “enlightenment”
    I started with Ubuntu in January. Now 50 installations later ( I’am not kidding) I am starting to feel more comfortable with linux. By pure chance i discovered this WMngr while poking around in repositorys. In total, i’ve used that desktop, maybe 10 times divided by 2 installation.
    Now to the core of my reasons writing this. I am 50 years old, a veterean of windows wars and battles. I Won most of the battles but I lost the war. by sitting for days at a time @ front of computer. Today i cannot turn my neck all my fingers on thr right hand are numb, left one is better. I am not looking for a pity. I agreed with my situation. But where could I find some help (reading is ok) to go around those jumping menus and windows. I tried so many combinations of settings, and can not adjusted to managable comfort. With my slow hands I have to keep trying and trying..DESPITE THIS ! I am sticking with Enlightenment. Be sure that I be visiting here many times in the future. Also Igot Your RSS live link. Thanx so much for reading this.

    I am not native english speaker, so sorry if I wrote something, which was understood differenly, and I do not use checker.
    Hey Good Luck

  2. When i click on the “…screenshots tour” all i get is a quick return to the same page. Where is the link to the tour? Thank you.

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