Howto set Netscreen SSG model firewall into Transparent Mode

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This tutorial will explain Configuring an SSG model firewall into Transparent Mode.This will make the firewall a Layer 2 device.
Procedure to follow

1) First you need to connect to your SSG firewall using console cable

2) Now run “get interface” (without quotes) command

SSG550M-> get interface

You should see similar to the following output

A – Active, I – Inactive, U – Up, D – Down, R – Ready
Interfaces in vsys Root:
Name           IP Address         Zone        MAC            VLAN State VSD
eth0/0     Trust       0012.1eac.7380    –   U   –
eth0/1          DMZ         0012.1eac.7385    –   D   –
eth0/2          Untrust     0012.1eac.7386    –   D   –
eth0/3          Null        0012.1eac.7387    –   D   –

In the above output any interface that has an IP defined or a Zone defined will have to be removed.

For example:

unset interface e0/0 ip   ——(This will remove the IP address from e0/0)

unset interface e0/0 zone    ——-(This will place e0/0 interface in the Null zone)

Repeat the above steps until all interfaces are and in the Null Zone.  Issue get interface to verify.

Now configure the VLAN1 IP address

set interface vlan1 ip   —— (This provides a Layer 3 IP address on a device in Layer 2)

Now configure a zone. For example:

set interface e0/0 zone v1-trust

You should see a message reporting “Changed to pure l2 mode”.

Save the changes you made.

Type save, press Enter.

Reset the Juniper Firewall.

Type reset, press Enter.

After the SSG reboots, you should now be able to manage the Juniper Firewall from the WebUI to configure the remaining zones, policies, default route, etc…

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  1. Hi
    why Reset the Juniper Firewall?
    must to be reset juniper firewall on the transparent mode?
    Please Help me

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