Copy the visual policy (VPM) policies from one bluecoat ProxySG to another

This is very useful if you have an issue with one of your bluecoat proxySG device visual policy manager.The story behind this was when i try to update new policy through VPM all policies are gone and i am seeing blank in VPM to fix this i have to copy policies from my other proxySG device.


NOTE: Copying Visual Policy Manager (VPM) contents from one ProxySG to another will cause loss of VPM configuration on the target ProxySG. Please make an appropriate backup of the VPM-XML file on the target ProxySG before following the steps below.

  • Login to the ProxySG Management Console with Admin access in order to perform this task. Once logged in, navigate to the following location:
  • Configuration tab > Policy > Policy Files > Visual Policy Files
  • On this screen go to “Install VPM-XML from:” and select “Text Editor” and click Install.
  • This will pop-up a new window.
  • Click anywhere inside this editor such that your cursor is now active in the edit box.
  • Perform a to select all text then a to copy this text. You now have the Visual Policy loaded to your clipboard.
  • Navigate to the target proxy to the same location. Delete all the text in the same window and perform a to paste the policy to the target proxy and click Install then Close. This will copy the VPM from one proxy to another.
  • Next go to Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager > Launch. The Visual Policy Manager (VPM) will launch. Click on the Install button. Your copied VPM-XML will now be in effect on the target ProxySG

NOTE: If policy references objects, such as authentication realms, ProxyAVs, content filtering categories and so forth, and those objects are not installed on the target ProxySG, then VPM may return errors and warnings. Please make sure that the target ProxySG is similarly configured as the source ProxySG.

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