Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) Release Dates

In addition to Ubuntu 6-months stable releases and the next version of ubuntu is 7.04 with Code Name “Feisty Fawn”.

Curretly most of the people are trying to upgrade to ubuntu edgy eft (Current Stable) but they are having some problems related to xserver,applications,nvidia,ati drivers etc.if you want to know more common problems with their solutions check here i hope you will solve with this collection.

Mark Shuttleworth about Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

Shuttleworth said “the main themes for development in this release will be improvements to hardware support in the laptop, desktop and high-end server market, and an aggressive adoption of emerging desktop technologies.”Ubuntu’s Feisty release will put the spotlight on multimedia enablement and desktop effects. We expect this to be a very gratifying release for both users and developers”.

“Edgy has been a wild ride, with some remarkable achievements (nothing like re-inventing and substantially improving on init!). Feisty will be a little more focused on features that are very visible to end-users,”

Now you can make a note of ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) release dates in you calender

Important Dates

December 2006

December 21st – Debian Import Freeze

February 2007

February 8th – Feature Freeze, Upstream Version Freeze

March 2007

March 8th – String Freeze

March 9th – Beta Freeze

March 22nd – Beta Release

April 2007

April 5th – Non-Language Pack Translation Deadline, Kernel Freeze

April 12th – Release Candidate(RC), Language Pack Translation Deadline

April 19th – Final Release

Details about Each Release date

Feature Freeze

The point at which we cease creating and modifying internal features and packages. This means we’re pretty much locked down for bugfixes only.

Exceptions requiring confirmation

Packages in or relating to high-priority ReleasenameFeatureGoals

Major/minor fixes, within reason

Exceptional circumstances

Upstream Version Freeze

The point at which we cease accepting new upstream versions of packages, whether they are sourced from Debian or not. Selected Debian releases of the same upstream versions may still be pulled in for bug-fixes, but this would be a manual process.

Exceptions requiring confirmation

Packages in or relating to FeatureGoals

Minor fixes, if the upstream change is a micro-increment (or equivalent)

Major fixes, particularly blockers, if the upstream change is a minor-increment (or equivalent)

Exceptional circumstances

String Freeze

A string freeze is initiated in the project when all the human readable portions of code are no longer allowed to change. This gives the translation teams a chance to complete their translations without having to redo changed text. It also allows documentation to mention the actual UI names and messages.

Beta Freeze

Anal-retentive, high-caution period until the Beta Release goes out. Release and relevant section team confirmed fixes only! Once the BetaRelease is shipped, we roll back to FeatureFreeze status.

Exceptions requiring confirmation



Exceptional circumstances

Beta Release

The BetaRelease is a testing oriented pre-release, usually one month before the Final Release.

Non Language Pack Translation Deadline

Some translation data cannot currently be updated via the language pack mechanism. Because these items require more disruptive integration work, they are subject to an earlier deadline. Translations which fall into this category are:

The Ubuntu installer

Translations which don’t use gettext, including:


debconf templates

desktop notifications via notification-daemon

Strings visible in the default desktop (live CDs don’t get language pack updates)

Default menu items

Panel strings

All menu entries in KDE applications, which does not support translation via language packs

Kernel Freeze

The kernel freeze is a deadline for kernel updates, since they require several lockstep actions which must be folded into the CD building process. As with other freeze dates, exceptional circumstances may justify exemptions to the freeze, at the exception of the release managers.

Release Candidate (RC)

The release candidate is a production-quality pre-release one week before the final release.

Language Pack Translation Deadline

Translation data using the Language Pack mechanism is due at this deadline.

See NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline for non Language Pack data.

Final Release

The final release is the finished product which is distributed with an official Ubuntu release number.

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26 thoughts on “Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) Release Dates

  1. I am using Feisty now as my permanent OS on my Dell Laptop. No issues whatsoever…even using some bling courtesy of Beryl.

  2. At what point can I install an alpha or beta release and transition into the final release through the use of updates rather than a complete install–realizing there may be hundreds of updates? I also realize I wouldn’t want to do this for an operational server or critical desktop.

  3. I’m not positive Rob, but I’m thinking once the Beta comes out you should be safe to try that on (as you say) a non-production machine.

    Woot! Got 3/22!!! 😀

  4. This will be a great development in Ubuntu’s release. I hope it’ll do some good.. I’m eagerly awaiting Feisty! I’d like to do some devel on it soon!! 🙂

  5. Off topic, but thought it’d be funny to post…

    While Ubuntu rolls forth with Fawn (yeah!), Microsoft is developing Anti-Virus software for THEIR OWN OS! A logical person would ask, “if you’re going to spend time/money on something, why not on the OS to make it better rather then a band-aid?” The “logical” MS marketing folks would reply “we can’t make the OS too good cause then we couldnt’ charge folks for all that tech-support, and we couldn’t sucker them into buying an Anti-Virus program for our OS.”

    I can almost hear folks at Wal-Mart now..

    “Look, Martha! It’s an Anti-Virus program made by Microsoft! Wow, that means it’s the OFFICIAL Anti-Virus program of Windows! We’d better get it, and stop using that other anti-virus program! Oh, yeah, we’ll need to pick up MS Office 2007, too. I’m not sure what new features are in it, but we’d better get it cause it’s newer. Oh, shoot…we don’t meet the system specs. We’ll need a new computer, too. Boy, that’s gonna be $3000 well spent!”

  6. Side Note…for those that don’t think $3000 is a lot…here’s some comparisons…

    – It’s 1/10 your salary if you earn $30,000 a year (~$15/hr)
    – At $15/hr, 40hrs/wk, it’s 5 WEEKS worth of work (and that’s pre-tax, rent, food, etc)
    – If you’re living on your own, it’s 10 WEEKS work since you have to pay rent and stuff, then save what’s left over (10 weeks, that’s 1/5 of the year until you can get that new computer and other Windows accoutrements)
    – It’s a semester or two at college, depending on where you go
    – It’s a good down-payment on a new car
    – It’s a fully paid-for USED car in some cases

    I wanted to mention this, because a lot of folks don’t consider the overall cost since computer purchase (games, software, anti-virus, hardware, etc) is usually spread out over time. When it’s added together, it really adds up.

  7. Broken promises! Ubuntu sounded so great. On very good mainboard, 1 gig of RAM and Pentium 4 at 2.4 Ghz, it NEVER worked well. 7.04 Beta crashed on reboot, 6.10 will NOT load assistive technology log-in. Orca mumbles at any speed, packages collide, freezing system, os LOOSES packages, LARGE TYPE-REVERSE DOES NOT WORK ON ALL PACKAGES. System wants “OK” when something DOES NOT WORK, but gives no REPAIR or DELETE option. Growl!!!!

  8. I’m very much looking forward to Feisty, and to Alec — you can’t really complain that the beta crashed; if you want stable production software, don’t use a beta.

    I would caution “Ubuntu-anon” to stop trolling about Windows, though — FUD doesn’t help anyone, least of all the Ubuntu community.

  9. Alec:
    I’ve been using Ubuntu since Breezy, and I had major install problems with Edgy as well. For me, the solution was just to roll back to Dapper, which is very stable.

  10. “At what point can I install an alpha or beta release and transition into the final release through the use of updates rather than a complete install–realizing there may be hundreds of updates? I also realize I wouldn’t want to do this for an operational server or critical desktop. ”
    You can install the very first alpha, and still update fully to the final release. In fact, you can update the whole way along, with a simple ‘sudo apt-get update’, ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’
    You can even update from a previous version of Ubuntu.

  11. I’ve been running Feisty with Beryl on one of my pcs for a few days now. It works purrrfectly on it. My laptop didn’t quite agree with the current Feisty Beta cd, so I rolled that one back to Edgy & Beryl.

    I can’t wait for future releases and hopefully more eyecandy 😉 Edgy was the reason to seriously start thinking about saving myself from Windoze’s BSoD, Feisty is the reason I stopped thinking and started doing 🙂

  12. I think Alec’s system has some hardware issues that need to be resolved before blaming the OS. I’ve been using Feisty on my work laptop since March and it’s been running great with only minor hiccups. Nothing that needed immediate attention, however.

  13. Date of Birth: April 20th, 1957

    Almost 1/2 century, then, been using unix/linux for 1/4 century,
    ubuntu rocks on most any systems I tried it on, especially laptops, even Dell.

  14. # freewill Says: December 12th, 2006 at 6:41 am
    The Final Release is one day before my birthday 😉 [20 April 1989]

    That’s exactly 100 years after Hitler was born (20 april 1889)

  15. I have two PC’s at home with AMD 64 x2 processors running on ASUS M/Boards.
    The ADM 3200+ will install/run, Xandros, Red Hat 9 Ubuntu 6.1 and any other live release, eg, Supergamer (Vector Linux)
    Linspire, Lycoris, Knoppix. However, when I attempt to install Ubuntu (32 bit) on the AMD 4200+
    The install fails, I can’t even run it in Live CD mode as it falls over and freezes.
    I tried loading Ubuntu 7.4 on the 4200+ and same deal, as was the case with all live distros.
    No matter what I’ve tried it fails witha ‘PCI: cannot allocate resources’ error (Only the 6.1) Ubuntu
    actually shows the error, the other distros just freeze.

    It will however run the live CD and install Ubuntu 6.10 64 Bit. Anyone come across this issue before?

  16. Forget the above thread, had a ‘boy’ look when reading the error message. Problem solved…

  17. i tried to install ubuntu 7.04 on my hp tx 1003au laptop having AMD turion (64×2) processor. installation starts giving errors after it tries to install hardware drivers and dosent progress any further. can anybody help?

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