Howto fix SSH connection to the netscreen firewall does not work

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SSH is enabled in the firewall and configured correctly, however SSH connection to the firewall does not work.

*  SSH to the firewall stopped working

* get ssh shows “ SSH is enabled”, but “SSH is NOT ready for connections”

Firewall-> get ssh
SSH V2 is active
SSH is enabled
SSH is NOT ready for connections
Maximum sessions: 3
Active sessions: 0


# Confirm that the SSH host-key is generated correctly:

get ssh host-key

If no host-key is present, delete the ssh device and re-enable SSH to regenerate the host-key:

delete ssh device all

set ssh version <v1 or v2>

set ssh enable

# If the issue continues, verify the system clock is functioning correctly. To generate a SSH host-key for the device, the system clock needs to function correctly.  This can be verified with the following command:

get clock          (multiple times at interval of few seconds)

If the system clock is not working correctly, it may be a hardware clock issue in the device and may require a RMA.

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