How to set password complexity on juniper firewall

We can configure password complexity on the firewall, for admin users configured on the firewall, i.e. such as all admin users created should have minimum length of 8 and complexity such as 2 Uppercase 2 lowercase 2 alphanumeric and 2 non-alphanumeric

Password complexity means passwords must include at least two uppercase letters, two lowercase letters, and two

alphanumeric and two non-alphanumeric characters; for example: AAbb12@#. To require that passwords contain complexity,

you set complexity to 1. To unset the complexity requirement, set complexity to 0.

Run the following commands from the firewall terminal

set password-policy user-type admin minimum-length <length>
set password-policy user-type admin complexity 1
set password-policy user-type auth minimum-length <length>
set password-policy user-type auth complexity 1

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