Apr 112012

We can configure password complexity on the firewall, for admin users configured on the firewall, i.e. such as all admin users created should have minimum length of 8 and complexity such as 2 Uppercase 2 lowercase 2 alphanumeric and 2 non-alphanumeric

Password complexity means passwords must include at least two uppercase letters, two lowercase letters, and two

alphanumeric and two non-alphanumeric characters; for example: AAbb12@#. To require that passwords contain complexity,

you set complexity to 1. To unset the complexity requirement, set complexity to 0.

Run the following commands from the firewall terminal

set password-policy user-type admin minimum-length <length>
set password-policy user-type admin complexity 1
set password-policy user-type auth minimum-length <length>
set password-policy user-type auth complexity 1

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