Jun 042009

This tutorial will explainhow to convert an OGV file to FLV. You will need the ffmpeg audio and video encoder.

Install ffmpeg in debian

#apt-get install ffmpeg

To convert an OGV file to flv file use the following command

ffmpeg -i input_file.ogv output_file.flv

You can shrink the size of the output file using the following command

ffmpeg -i input_file.ogv -s 800×600 output_file.flv

This also reduces the size of the Flash video file.

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  3 Responses to “How to Convert OGV to FLV Using ffmpeg”

  1. For better results add -sameq flag (same quality). Output is much better form me.
    ffmpeg -i input_file.ogv -sameq output_file.flv

  2. Thanks! My screencasts with recordMyDesktop now is smaller!

  3. Nice guide. Not suitable for me. Often Type OGV Converter- Easily Convert OGV to AVI,MP4,WMV,MPEG,and FLV in Google to find a easier guide for me.

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