Sep 032013

This article explains how to check whether a ScreenOS device is configured in mixed (L2/L3) configuration. This configuration is not supported.

Problem or Goal:

ScreenOS device is configured in mixed mode configuration as shown below. Is this configuration supported?

-> get int

A -- Active, I -- Inactive, U -- Up, D -- Down, R -- Ready

Interfaces in vsys Root:
Name IP Address Zone MAC VLAN State VSD Vsys
eth1/3 Trust 0010.dbff.2090 -- D 0 Root >>>>>>> eth1/3 part of Trust zone is configured in L3 mode
eth1/4 V1-Trust 0010.dbff.20a0 -- D 0 Root >>>>> eth1/4 part of V1-Trust zone is configured in L2 mode

-> get sys | inc mode
System in L2/L3 mixed mode.

This type of configuration (mixed mode) is not supported on NetScreen firewall.


Mixed mode (L2/L3) is not supported and there are no short term plans to support this configuration.

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