Jan 292010

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What is DNX?

It is a modest script created to install a few free and non-free libraries and packages for Debian GNU/Linux based on the ubuntu-restricted-extras Ubuntu's package.


The main goal of this script is to have a one-step method to configure a Debian Workstation to decode mp3, avi, mpeg and work with flash, java and rar files.


DNX will add the contrib, non-free and Debian Multimedia repositories to your APT configuration file and install all the required packages.

To get a complete list of the packages that will be installed check here

Install DNX in Debian

First you need to download the DNX script from here http://mey-online.com.ar/dnx/dnx-lenny-0.1.sh


Using the following command

# wget http://www.mey-online.com.ar/dnx/dnx-lenny-0.1.sh

Change de permissions to made it executable:

# chmode +x dnx-lenny-0.1.sh

And run:

# ./dnx-lenny-0.1.sh

If you already have configured the Debian Multimedia repository select the option 2, otherwise select the full instalation.

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 Posted by at 9:53 am
  • De@n Martin

    Great script. There are a fiew things to aoptimize but its a great tool

  • Eric

    Shouldn’t that be chmod and not chmode in [b]chmode +x dnx-lenny-0.1.sh[/b].

  • Tim

    64 bit support,…. yes,… no…?

  • Cindy

    squeeze support please…

  • Cindy

    64 bit squeeze support please…

  • http://radio.foxcub.net maj

    Creating sources list backup… Done
    Adding and configurating Multimedia Repositories… Done
    Updating repository information… Done
    Starting the instalation…E: Couldn’t find package flashplayer-mozilla