Jan 292010

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What is DNX?

It is a modest script created to install a few free and non-free libraries and packages for Debian GNU/Linux based on the ubuntu-restricted-extras Ubuntu's package.


The main goal of this script is to have a one-step method to configure a Debian Workstation to decode mp3, avi, mpeg and work with flash, java and rar files.


DNX will add the contrib, non-free and Debian Multimedia repositories to your APT configuration file and install all the required packages.

To get a complete list of the packages that will be installed check here

Install DNX in Debian

First you need to download the DNX script from here http://mey-online.com.ar/dnx/dnx-lenny-0.1.sh


Using the following command

# wget http://www.mey-online.com.ar/dnx/dnx-lenny-0.1.sh

Change de permissions to made it executable:

# chmode +x dnx-lenny-0.1.sh

And run:

# ./dnx-lenny-0.1.sh

If you already have configured the Debian Multimedia repository select the option 2, otherwise select the full instalation.

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  6 Responses to “DNX – Simple way of installing Debian-nonFree-eXtras”

  1. Great script. There are a fiew things to aoptimize but its a great tool

  2. Shouldn’t that be chmod and not chmode in [b]chmode +x dnx-lenny-0.1.sh[/b].

  3. 64 bit support,…. yes,… no…?

  4. squeeze support please…

  5. 64 bit squeeze support please…

  6. Creating sources list backup… Done
    Adding and configurating Multimedia Repositories… Done
    Updating repository information… Done
    Starting the instalation…E: Couldn’t find package flashplayer-mozilla

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