Jan 252011

Many computing environments want to use a BIG-IP® system to intelligently manage their HTTP traffic. You can easily control your HTTP traffic by implementing a BIG-IP system feature known as an HTTP profile. An HTTP profile is a group of settings that affects the behavior of HTTP traffic. An HTTP profile defines the way that you want the system to manage HTTP traffic.

You can use the default HTTP profile, with all of its default values, or you can create a custom HTTP profile. When you create a custom HTTP profile, you not only modify the setting values, but you can enable more advanced features such as data compression of server responses.
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Jan 192011

This book provides an in-depth overview of next-generation firewalls.
Long Description: It examines the evolution of network security, the rise of Enterprise 2.0 applications and their associated threats, the shortcomings of traditional firewalls, and the advanced capabilities found in next-generation firewalls. Get your copy of "Next-Generation Firewalls for Dummies" book to find out:
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