Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) Alpha 3 Screenshots Gallery (Updated with new wallpaper,theme)

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The Ubuntu developers are moving quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source community has to offer. The Lucid Lynx Alpha 3 is the third alpha release of Ubuntu 10.04, bringing with it the earliest new features for the next version of Ubuntu.

Note:- This is an alpha release. Do not install it on production machines. The final stable version will be released on April 29, 2010.

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26 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) Alpha 3 Screenshots Gallery (Updated with new wallpaper,theme)

  1. I like somethings: logo, and themes, but I didnot like wallpaper resembles mac..other than that it looks great, good job Ubuntees..!

  2. very nice just hope they finely get us a chat video for linux seems to be the main complaint from people I get to switch over to ubuntu

  3. Hmmm, the control buttoms (minimise, maximise, close) have been moved to the left on the windows title bar. Could this be counter-intuitive? Everyone expects them on the right….

    Still, it’s really not that difficult to change the theme on Ubuntu. What’s interesting is what has been done under the skin….

  4. And why is the Cancel buttone on the left side? Shouldn’t be it where it always was: on the right one?

  5. If this is a virgin, ‘off the CD’ install, who decided to move the minimize, restore and close icons to the top left of the window title bar? I sincerely hope they’ve provided a way to easily relocate these back to top right without having to resort to tools like TweakGui or gconf-editor.

    Most people will instinctively go to top right. Moving them seems like a fad of a developer rather than something Ubuntu users are crying out for! In my opinion this is just unnecessary fiddling to make things look different and ‘new’.

  6. Seriously…purple? Gag me with a spoon! I sure hope that is is not the default! 🙁 And, I do agree with everyone else…The action buttons should be on the top right instead of the top left! And, we DO need more freedom with the login screen…We should be able to actually get rid of the keyboard, language, and session selection boxes if we want…And what’s with clicking on something like “ruchi-desktop” and getting “Ubuntu 10.04” to replace it? Why can’t we just have it say something that we want it to say after it boots? For instance, instead of “andy-desktop” by default, how about just “Welcome!”?

  7. There are no tooltips when i hover the mouse over the minimise, restore and close buttons.

  8. @Matt #8 –
    The buttons are now on the left regardless of what theme is in use. There is also no obvious way to change it. Also, the button order is changed. Rather than being Min,Max,Close, it’s now Max,Min,Close. It breaks every Metacity theme for no real reason.

  9. i like the buttons on the left..makes it look cleaner smoother..and with the appz button on the left/top and all the menus on the left and now with all the buttons on the left.. i guess we only have to look left … we think left to right anyway.

  10. i wish they would do something with the kindergarten artwork. doesnt matter how good the skin is if the artwork in it looks remedial… i find it funny here is a piece of software that does so much offers so much and all any of us have found to bitch about is artwork buttons and sounds.. that just says 2 things 1 we are all spoilt and 2 they are doing a good job

  11. Instead of making all kinds of pointless changes, Ubuntu should consider the fact that ATI graphic-cards is not supported well enough in Linux (if at all). Of course ATI have most of the responsibility for that. Ubuntu want as many people as possible to use their operating system, but forget that ATI is the most selling card. There are for instance ATI in most laptops. Open source drivers for ATI do exist, but they do not work in 9,10 for instance. They used to work earlier, but ooops it was forgotten that a lot of Linux users were using them. At the same time a lot of new users have been lost on the lack of ATI drivers. If Linux want more users and more contributors, hardware support is the thing they should think about instead of layout, color changes, and online music stores. Put open source ATI drivers in Ubuntu, and make sure they work in an easy way for new users. Else they might as well put a Made in Hong Kong stamp on Ubuntu, like on a lot of other useless colorful crap, and let it slip into oblivion.
    The same goes for soundcards for musicproduction. Why waste a lot of time on developing LMMS and other musicprograms, if virtually no soundcards is supported?
    I hope the Ubuntu developers think about this in coming versions. If they get money enough from the Yahoo deal, there’s the place to put them.

  12. i like the look but wheres the apple look thats just a backround and really should spend money on a directx suppliment that doesnt require wine to install applications… as long as you dont use microsoft files you have every right to program and who knows games in c++ might work better in linux

  13. So stupid login , i actualised from 9.10 to 10.0 today ,,, and my login options go out ,,,(and the option system>adminstration> Login window its disabled 🙁 ) i don’t wanna this login ,, i just wanna my direct and automatic login rigth to my funcional desktop screen . Do Ubuntu forget the KISS model (Keep it Simple Stupid ) ???

  14. For you folks complaining about the button positions and such, are you using KDE perhaps? Same for you folks talking about the clunky cartoonish 3rd grader icons and such, KDE Perhaps? I always preferred Gnome because everything just looked so much more professional to me.

    Working now with my upgraded (from 9.10) 10.04 older HP Pavillion zv5330 (AMD 64 chip based) laptop, I still have my min/max/close buttons on the upper right of the windows frames. Not sure what happened to the rest of you folks. Clean installs?

    Upgrades while always scary seem to have worked nearly flawlessly. Good work and thanks.


  15. For people having troubles with the buttons on the left instead of the right of the title bar.

    For me it was the theme that did it. Ubuntu 10.04 uses a couple new ones, so if you change the theme to something else then the buttons should go back to the right hand side. If you are already using a theme that should have the buttons on the right just change the theme to something else, then back again, that fixed it for me. If you don’t want to change the theme there is a python script floating around the Ubuntu forums that should change it (I haven’t tested it myself).

    Hope that helps 🙂

  16. Until unbuntu have addresses various issues, I will stick with Debian 5.
    Considerations :
    1) No ATI graphics support. Please address this issue.
    2) Limited driver support for soundcards. Please address this issue.
    3) Development required of own wrapper instead of using Wine HQ.
    4) Better system tools required.
    5) Improved GUI on all aspects of applications, log-on and desktop required.
    6) Limited support for wireless and webcams. Please address this issue.
    7) Limited support for third party devices and peripherals. Please address this issue.
    8) Limited support for motherboard hardware.Please address this issue.

    Ubunto seems to stay in the same vein with each release making upgrading less meaningfull and in fact, a pain.

    Other bleeding edge technologies such as Fedora and Debian seem to move the milestones further in terms of development and support for hardware.

    Ubunto is in fear of becomming an upgrade rather than a new release (Microsoft has been in this dimension for quite some time now…Windows Vista,7…Windows Christmas Edition anyone ?).

    When I use Ubunto, I expect to see the full array of support for my hardware and any devices I choose to buy, if not then it’s not worth using and to issue it as a distro with laptops simply re-iterates the product as exactly that…a product which in turn can end up being with no substance.

    Let’s hope Ubunto LTS doesn’t become Unbunto LTS Home Edition or Ultimate edition etc.


  17. Well, I’m sure everyone on this post already knows this now, but its pretty easy to change the buttons to the right side. Just right click on Applications, click edit menus, scroll down on the left side and click on system tools, and put a check next to configuration tools. Then click on applications, go to configurations tools Applications>System Tools>Configuration Tools, cllick on apps, scroll down to metacity then general, then change buttons to :minimize,maximize,close.

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