Howto install Wine,µTorrent,Native Tray Icon in Debian

This HOWTO will describe how to install uTorrent on your Debian Linux desktop using wine and how to get a more suitable tray icon using alltray.
Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X, OpenGL, and Unix.

µTorrent is a lightweight and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows with many features.

First of all we need to add a new repo for this you need to edit the sources.list file

#vi /etc/apt/sources.list

Add this to the end of the file, save and quit:

deb ./
deb-src ./

Update the source list using the following command

# apt-get update

Now we will install Wine and Alltray

# apt-get install alltray wine

Download latest µTorrent from here

create a dir using the following command

#mkdir utorrent

go in to the utorrent directory

#cd utorrent


Get icon using the following command


Now we will create a menu entry for uTorrent, so su to root again:

# vi /usr/share/applications/utorrent.desktop

You should now have an empty file, copy and paste this (and replace “USERNAME” with your actual username:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=BitTorrent Client
Exec=alltray --icon /home/”USERNAME”/.utorrent/utorrenteh8.png wine /home/”USERNAME”/utorrent/utorrent.exe

Save the file and exit.

You need to provide the Exe path according to where you want to keep utorrent .exe file

To refresh gnome-panel, issue this command

killall gnome-panel

µTorrent should now be found in the “Applications—>Internet” menu.

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6 thoughts on “Howto install Wine,µTorrent,Native Tray Icon in Debian

  1. Why would someone install a Windows application such as uTorrent in linux? The ktorrent package is a suitable linux torrent application.


  2. i agree with DOUGman, use of wine should only be encouraged when we don’t have any alternate package or if the alternate pacakage is to young.

  3. I agree with you, but only if someone works exclusively on Linux. I, for example, still use windows more but would like to CONTINUE mu current downloads and seeds under Linux without lengthy and resource-heavy download-state check.

    Oh, and using Azureus is not an option. I want something SMALL that works both on Linux and Win, be it through Wine or otherwise.

  4. And additional question.
    I use router software which works only in windows. There is not mentioned how to configure Wine in order to use network. I easy added my application, however it does not see my network (any network device).

    How to configure Wine for network/network devices?

  5. utorrent outperforms most linux clients 2x so I was about to install it via wine, but i gave ktorrent a try (I had tried qtorrent, transmission, deluge and some others). ktorrent is great, no need for utorrent anymore.

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