Howto Crack Rar, 7z, and zip files in Linux

If you forget your password for compressed archive (rar, 7z, zip), this program is the solution.This program uses bruteforce algorithm to find correct password. You can specify wich characters will be used in password generations.

Warning: Please don’t use this program for any illegal things!

Preparing your system

First you need to install the following package

#apt-get install libxml2-dev build-essential

Now you need to download the latest version of rarcrack from here


Now you have rarcrack-0.2.tar.bz2 file and you need to extract this file

#tar -xjf rarcrack-0.2.tar.bz2

#cd rarcrack-0.2


You must be root to run the following command

#make install

Using Rarcrack

rarcrack your_encrypted_archive.ext [--threads thread_num] [--type rar|zip|7z]


rarcrack something.rar

After the cracking started RarCrack will print the current status of cracking and save it’s to a status file. If you want more specific password character set, you need to run RarCrack to create the XML status file (3 sec).

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61 thoughts on “Howto Crack Rar, 7z, and zip files in Linux

  1. guys this is totaly working!!!You creator you are awesome!VERY EASY INSTALLATION AND QUICK PASSWORD CRACK IN SLOW COM!

  2. If the extension is rar.. try using the option “–type rar”
    example :- rarcrack filename.rar –type rar

  3. haha! I cracked myself up reading your coment, I totally agree with you. You demonstrated flawlessly how much easy is to solve problems using standard gnu tools

  4. you should be suspicios that this numbers are unreal. actually, this is a mistake, as unrar-nonfree is not processing the rar files because its parameters are not compatible

  5. Please help… It seems that does not work! Because after a whole night, this has got to this point…

    pluto@pluto# rarcrack testfile.rar –threads 4 –type rar
    RarCrack! 0.2 by David Zoltan Kedves ([email protected])
    INFO: the specified archive type: rar
    INFO: cracking testfile.rar, status file: testfile.rar.xml
    Probing: ‘3A’ [0 pwds/sec]
    Probing: ‘3A’ [0 pwds/sec]
    Probing: ‘3A’ [0 pwds/sec]
    Probing: ‘3A’ [0 pwds/sec]

    It seems that go so slow… do one line of “Probing: ‘3A’ [0 pwds/sec]” every 3 seconds… I’m getting old! 😉

  6. I also tried with: (

    # john –wordlist=/usr/share/john/password.lst –rules –stdout | xargs -I jtr unrar e -pjtr testfile.rar
    fopen: john.ini: No such file or directory

  7. how to fix this:
    gcc -pthread rarcrack.c `xml2-config –libs –cflags` -O2 -o rarcrack
    /bin/sh: 1: xml2-config: not found
    In file included from rarcrack.c:21:0:
    rarcrack.h:25:48: fatal error: libxml/xmlmemory.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.
    Makefile:6: recipe for target ‘all’ failed
    make: *** [all] Error 1

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