Fluxbuntu – Light weight Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring Fluxbox window manager

Fluxbuntu is a light-weight, standards-compliant, Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring the Fluxbox window manager.The project’s primary goal is to develop an operating system that would run on a wide range of mobile devices and computers, both low-end and high-end.Recently since they started development on the PowerPC Architecture they also started development on support for the sony Playstation 3.

Fluxbuntu now Officially supports most of the major architectures plaforms: i386, PowerPC, AMD 64bit & Intel 64bit and Itanium 64bit.

First you need to download Fluxbuntu from here after that you create a CD and start
booting with the CD Once it starts booting you should see the following screen in this you need to select second option “Install to the Hard disk Option” and press enter

This will starts booting and you should see the following login screen here you need to enter the following details to login

username: fluxbuntu
password: livecd

Once you login in to system if you want to install Fluxbuntu in your hard disk you need to follow this procedure

Right Click on the Desktop/Work Area Goto XShells —> Click XTerm

enter the following command

sudo ubiquity gtkui

and press enter this will start the installation Here you need to select your installation language and click on forward.

Select a city in your country and time zone.In this example i am using london city and uk as country and click on forward.

Select your keyboad layout and in this example i am using British English and click on forward

You need to enter username,password and computer name here and click on forward
start the partitioner in progress

here you need to select how do you want to partition the disk and select which option is suitable for you in this example i am selecting “Erase entire diak” and click on forward

Here is the all the list of information for available for installation here you need to click on install to start the installation.

Installation in progress and it shows the copying files percentage.

Installation Completed Succesfully and you need to restart the system by clicking “Restart Now”

Fluxbuntu Screenshots

If you want to see some of the screenshots tour for Fluxbuntu you can click on the image for complete gallery


If you want some help on fluxbuntu check their forums here .If you want more about Fluxbuntu check their wiki here

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