Ubuntu Edgy Eft Desktop Installation With Screenshots

Ubuntu 6.10 i.e EdgyEft is the newest Ubuntu stable version and i am going to discuss here how to install ubuntu ubuntu edgyeft desktop with step by step procedure.I hope this will help some ubuntu users to install ubuntu edgyeft in their machines,laptops, etc.

All users need to click on the image to view full size of the image.

First thing is you need to download ubuntu edgyeft .iso image from here once you have the .iso image you need to create a bootable CD from this and you need to boot your machine using this CD.

Once It starts booting form this CD you should see the screen as follows in this you need to select “Start or Install Ubuntu”


Now you can see edgy starting


Here edgy starts loading


Once it finishes complete edgy desktop loading you can see the following screen


Now if you want to install edgy in your machine you need to click on install icon available on the desktop.Here you need to select your installation language and click on forward.


Select a city in your country and time zone.In this example i am using london city and uk as country and click on forward.


Select your keyboad layout and in this example i am using united kingdom and click on forward


You need to enter username,password and computer name here and click on forward


Now you can see the starting up the partitioner


Here you need to select how do you want to partition the disk and select which option is suitable for you in this example i am selecting “manually edit partition table” and click on forward


Now you can See the following screen with the disks available in your machine here you need to create partitions for this you need to select the available freespace and in this example you can see the 8GB of space for this installation here i am going create a partitions you need to click on forward.


you can see the following screen asking for creating disklable and by default gparted will create msdos disklabel and click on create


Confirm msdos label on disk here by clicking on create


Once you create the lable on the disk your disk is ready for creating partitions you can do this by clicking on new you can see the following screen here you can select new size,partition type and click on add.In this example i am entering size as 100 mb and partition type as ext3 and tick the check box next to round the cylinder option.


In the same way i have entered remaining available space and click on add


Here you can see the two created partitions and click on forward


Confirm the pending operations by clicking on apply


Applying pending operations in progress


Completed the pending operations and click on save details and and click on forward


Here you need to create a mount points by selecting mount point and partition and click on forward


Collecting all the required information for installation in progress


Here is the all the list of information for available for installation here you need to click on install to start the installation.


Installation in progress and it shows the copying files percentage.


Installation Completed Succesfully and you need to restart the system by clicking “Restart Now”


Once you Restart your system you new edgy login screen as follows here you need to enter the username and password to login in to the system.


Thats’ it enjoy your new Ubuntu Edgy Eft

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29 thoughts on “Ubuntu Edgy Eft Desktop Installation With Screenshots

  1. I have an ASUS Laptop with WinXP installed.
    1. How can I install Ubuntu on a separate logical disk without affecting existing OS and data?
    2. What software would be the best solutions for the following:
    when I start the computer I can select to load WinXP or Ubuntu. If no selection made then in X seconds WinXp will be loaded by default.

    Thank you

  2. I burned the new edgy iso in Nero (after trying in dapper–> lost 4 Cd’s). I can boot to the welcome screen, then i press install it loads the kernel and someting else. There is also a progress bar, after the screen goes blank and the only thing left is “-” on the upper left corner of the screen. And it stays there without doing anything else. No more loading or anything. I checked the MD5SUM of the iso image an it is ok!

    What can I do now ?


  3. @SmAnIaC

    Which iso you have downloaded,i would suggest you to download desktop version and try

  4. 1. How can I install Ubuntu on a separate logical disk without affecting existing OS and data?

    you need to have a free space on your hard disk without any filesystem on that at the time of installation you should see the available free space from that you can select that for your ubuntu installation

    2. What software would be the best solutions for the following:
    when I start the computer I can select to load WinXP or Ubuntu. If no selection made then in X seconds WinXp will be loaded by default.

    you can select your default operating system in boot loader file /boot/grub/menu.lst

  5. Thank you!

    But now I’ve got some specific questions:
    1. I installed Partition Magic 8, started it and saw that my HD (80Gb) is divided into recovery disk of 2Gb and a 78Gb Primary disk with NTFS file system. Is there a way to free up some space at the end of this disk (say 10Gb) to create a Linux partition there or I HAVE to format my HD and re-install WinXP as well.

    2. I tested Ubuntu using VMware (from WinXP) for a bit. I see what you ment about GRUB. But tell me: when I install Ubuntu on a computer with WinXp what OS will be then launched first by default. I guess WinXP? Then how should I manage to have GRUB launching when I turn on the PC? Through NT Loader?

    3. When I turn on my ASUS L5 laptop with Ubuntu LiveCD inserted into CD-drive it doesn’t load automatically. Pressing ‘Del’ I get into “kinda BIOS” which doesn’t give a selection of drives to load except for A: which in fact is a FlashCard inserted into USB slot. 🙁

  6. At step 6 of 6, if I want to install grub at /dev/hdc8(only 1 hard disk, /dev/hda is cdrom). How can I do? Change (hd0) to what?

  7. Response to Hao,
    Change hdo to (hd2,7)
    Grub uses 0 as a value. So in the first instance, linux sees the drive as a, b, c but grub sees it as 0, 1, 2, Your drive is hdc. Grub sees it as hd2
    As for partitions, linux sees them as 1, 2, 3 but again grub sees them as 0,1,2 Your partition is 8. Grub sees it as 7.
    ONE THING. If youy install grub to /dev/hdc8 (hd2,7), grub will not load when you start your computer. When grub is on a partition and not on the mbr, another bootloader has to send the boot to that partition and pass the boot to grub.
    IF you want grub to be THE bootloader on your system, you need to install grub to (hd2) That is the label for the mbr of your hard drive.

  8. How can I change the size of the windows that are used during the install proces?
    The screen is fix 800X600 and I miss parts of the windows and scroll to them either.

    Hans (doing an install on Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop)

  9. I’ve had several problems trying to install linux particularly when coming to partitioning and the boot loader. My questions are:

    1) I will be using a 40GB hard drive for linux, is a 2GB swap file big enough and should it be at the end of the disk?

    2) Should I create a seperate partition ONLY for the bootloader at the start of the hard drive as shown in the guide, and if so how big should the partition be?

  10. 1) I will be using a 40GB hard drive for linux, is a 2GB swap file big enough and should it be at the end of the disk?

    A) Recommended swap file size is double size of your memory

    2) Should I create a seperate partition ONLY for the bootloader at the start of the hard drive as shown in the guide, and if so how big should the partition be?

    A) This is only my guide one if you want you can choose the same way with 100MB size is fine

  11. Thanks for that, it has sorted the problems and linux has installed successfully. I do need one more piece of advice. I have Windows XP installed on a separate hard drive from the linux hard drive. I installed grub to the 100mb boot partition at the start of the linux hard drive. I was expecting that if I change the hard drive boot order from my bios it would select which bootloader to load, however even if I select the linux hard drive as the first boot device from the bios it still loads Windows. How can I sort this situation?

  12. Hi,

    I have only one hard disk and i want to install ubuntu there and having some problem, dont what it is

    *Activating swap….
    mount:Function not implemented
    *Checking file systems….
    fsck 1.39 (29-May-2006)

    and then it stops there….

    What is the problem
    how do i format the hard drive with ubuntu install CD. please someone help me 🙂

  13. I have the same problem with

    *Checking file systems….
    fsck 1.39 (29-May-2006)

    But I already have install Ubuntu 6.10 from “alternative” iso. In “recover mode” system boot and Gnome start’s with “startx”. From “recover mode” I have install ATI drivers and it’s OK. But if I try to load NORMAL mode I have:

    *Checking file systems….
    fsck 1.39 (29-May-2006)

    If I press ALT+F1 I’ve got a console…but I can’t start Gnome anyway, I have a black screen…

    Please, HELP. 8(

    P.S. Sory for my ugly english 8)

  14. I got the black screen too but it was because I forgot about the 192MB minimum requirement. Added more memory and all is well.

  15. I fixed the problem of the

    “checking file system”

    After it freezes , you wait a bit and press crtl alt del. That should get ubuntu going. Then , all you have to do is change fstab.

    In console type sudo gedit /etc/fstab

    then, search here for an “how to mount windows partitions” so you can correct the errors in fstab that dont let ubuntu mount your drives properly.Change it, and SAVE! It worked for me.

    (You will see that in your fstab used to have allot of numbers before /dev/hda1. Dont know what they are but they seem part of the problem.)


    Hope this helps.

  16. I think that example should be done better…

    first: what’s a 8gb hard disk????

    second: where’s the swap partition?

    third: what if I have already another OS installed?

    fourth: what if I cannot create primary partition but only logical? there are some differences?

    thank you

  17. hello!! i boot the installer but when it loads (2nd picture) it takes 2 minutes and afte that it says “hda:dma timeout” and it stops there…..anyone know the solution….

    P.S I have Windows XP.

  18. i am trying to install ubuntu 6.10 when i boot CD i am getting following error “/bin/sh: cant
    access tty; job control turned off (initranfs) can you please help me i am installating it on
    new pc here is the config intel 102gcc2 256 ddr2 and 160 gb hdd

  19. I’ve been trying to give up windows for the first time and try out linux. When i try to install Ubuntu, it keep freezing at the beginning of the screen. I can get to the first menu screen with : start or install ubuntu, start ubuntu in safe graphic mode, etc. I tried all the options but it all end up freezing the computer with a black screen with only the character “-” on it. I have tried every iso and also the dvd iso version as well. all with the same result. Anyone got any idea what the problem may be?

    my computer model is an HP a1640n

  20. I am having the same trouble as Drew above. I get a lock up at the same exact point. I’m trying to build with the 64bit version and have not tried other versions of edgy yet. I dont want to run Dapper if i can help it and maybe 7.? is too bleeding edge for me.
    I build my own machines so no model number, but its dual core AMD 64, 2g ram, Dual Geforce 6800 (SLI), gigabyte nforce 4 motherboard… not sure. I tried memory test and graphic safe load as well.

  21. I was able to install Ubuntu 7 on a 4 GB flash drive and it boots to it and runs just fine. Unfortunately, when I plug the drive into a Windows machine already booted, the OS tells me the drive needs to be formatted before I can use it. I’m sure I must have done something wrong in the install as I have another flash drive that boots to Slax that does not have the same problem. Should I just reformat with Fat32 here and try again? Thanks.

  22. Installing free shipping Ubuntu 6.10 for PC I got an error promptly as follows:

    There was an error starting the GNOME Setting daemon.
    The last error message was:
    Did not receive a reply. Possible causes includes:
    The remote application did not send a reply….
    or the network connection was broken.

    And at the time, the cursor was locked.

    Any idea? In deed, my PC on which Win XP worked fine, was standalone without network connection. Was it the cause that make the error? Should I have to connect the network prior to installation?
    How does it dial up via my modem during the installation? I’m wondering.

  23. hey i have ubuntu edgyeft 6.10 bootable cd, its one of the live cd that boots right from the cd and it doesnt work when i restart my computer WinXP boots from default, please help! how do i get it to go to ubuntu?

  24. hi. is there a way to create a bootable flash drive installer for ubuntu, instead of a live cd? intallation via live is too slow

  25. I have requested a cd for ubuntu from its website and have very much received it.Whenever I insert bootable cd and boot from it, boot is successful.Then when i choose the option to install linux kernel is loaded and then screen goes blank.
    Please help me.

  26. Hi…
    my name is eko wijay…but everybody call me with “jay”
    i am indonesian and i love linux…but i have trouble about what should i do to install linut into my computer..
    and what thing should i have…
    can you help me please…tell me what should i do…
    thank’s before

    my regard

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