Jul 092014

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This tutorial will explain download the accesslog files from bluecoat proxySG device without using FTP

It is possible to retrieve the data from an access log. The access log is stored as a series of zipped objects, you need to download each log object separatly. Once you have downloaded the objects you then need to delete the entries in the acesslog and the log should upload its content normally. The following procedure shows how to do this.

1. First browse to Statistics>Advanced>Acess log>Show all access logs>main(or whatever log you are interested in.) 2. You will see a series of objects. Right click on each object and do a download as and save the object.

2. One object will currently be open and you won't be able to download it. To Get this object do the following.

3 Disable access logging.

4 Restart the proxy(this will make sure that SGOS does not have the file open and you will be able to download the object).

5 Right click on this object and do a download as.

6. At this point you want to delete this access log so that normally access logging will take place.

7 Deleting an accesslog can only be done through the CLI. So you need to use SSH or the serial interface.

8 The following commands will delete the log entries.

SG510 Series#config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CTRL-Z.
SG510 Series#(config)access-log
SG510 Series#(config access-log)edit log main SG510

Series#(config log main)commands delete-logs


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