Jul 232013

LightZone is professional-level digital darkroom software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Rather than using layers as many other photo editors do, LightZone lets the user build up a stack of tools which can be rearranged, turned off and on, and removed from the stack. It's a non-destructive editor, where any of the tools can be re-adjusted or modified later — even in a different editing session. A tool stack can be copied to a batch of photos at one time. LightZone operates in a 16-bit linear color space with the wide gamut of ProPhoto RGB.
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Jul 102013

Q: What is the default DNS cache expiration time?

A: Whether or not a DNS query cached is based on the response from the respective DNS server(s):

If DNS responds that the query is non-cacheable, the cache time-to-live (TTL) is set to 0.

If DNS responds that the query is cacheable, the cache TTL is set to a value in seconds.
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