Jan 302007

Hide PHP Version in Apache from remote users requests

In order to prevent PHP from exposing the fact that it is installed on the server, by adding its signature to the web server header we need to locate in php.ini the variable expose_php and turn it off.By default expose_php is set to On.

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Jan 262007

NTP, the Network Time Protocol, is used to keep computer clocks accurate over the Internet, or by following an accurate hardware receiver which interprets GPS, DCF-77, NIST or similar time signals.

ntpdate is a simple NTP client which allows a system's clock to be set to match the time obtained by communicating with one or more servers.

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Jan 222007

Exaile is a media player aiming to be similar to KDE's AmaroK, but for GTK+. It incorporates many of the cool things from AmaroK (and other media players) like automatic fetching of album art, handling of large libraries, lyrics fetching, artist/album information via the wikipedia, last.fm support, optional iPod support (assuming you have python -gpod installed).

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